Examining some wild clay
 An active landslide of clay, along the coast of Northern California. 
 Clay on the coast of northern California. 
gathering clay
 Detail of a wooden lid made from old growth Redwood burl. 
Wood fired glaze detail
Detail, shell imprints and natural ash glaze.
 A wooden lid made from Buckeye burl.
100% local glaze
oribe detail
oribe detail
 Construction of my 2 chamber wood kiln.
Mini 2 Chamber Kiln
C.R. Wood kiln
Inside the wood kiln
Molokai wood kiln
 The first wood kiln I built near New Richmond, Wisconsin in 2001. 
 The first wood kiln built at College of the Redwoods in 2008. It was destroyed during a 6.5 earthquake in 2010.
Through the stoke hole
 Making firebricks. 2007.
hydrogen kiln
 Kiln building class at College of the Redwoods. 2010. 
Looking into the kiln
After the firing
After the firing
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